A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to join a bunch of other ladies discuss some “serious” topic on a weekly radio programme called Sister Sister on Citi FM. Initially, I was reluctant to do so, but I thought I would go out there and share my pearls of wisdom that God so lovingly endowed me with.

The topic centered around a hypothetical fine fly guy who dated ladies for 2 months tops, sleeps with them once, twice and a few times more and dumps them with not so much as a goodbye kiss. His complaint was that after he dumped these ladies, they kept calling and texting and coming to his office finding out what was going on. So he asks; "are these women stupid, desperate or both?"

I'm inclined to agree with this guy to some extent, and a little beyond that. You see, girls lately ask for it. I’ll tell you why. They dress up in skinny minis and stilettos and prance about teasingly like cats waiting for the dog to run after them. They aim for the sexy look when they dress and if that isn’t a begging invitation for the guys to do whatever they want with them, I don’t know what is. When once have they actually dressed up and looked in the mirror just to look good for themselves and themselves only. Noooooooo, they must look sexy so that a guy can check out their butt. It’s outrageous and as a woman I find that insulting!

There are several other selling points other than your body. Try your brain for a change. If ladies would pay a little more attention to mind deepening materials, than they do to the colour of hair or a pair of shoes which hurt like heck, maybe, maybe, the world would be a better place.

Our women are asking for women empowerment and whatnots, in the same vein they want to be treated like the traditional woman who is cared for by the man at home. Make up your minds ladies, make up your mind!

For a change when you hang out with a guy buy the drinks or pay for the food. It’ll go a long way to show the guy just how much of an independent woman you are. Or else you are just the same old pitiful woman with no vision, aim or clue as to what a vision or an aim is.

Finally, if you’ve taken nothing from what I’ve just said, take this; marriage isn’t the ultimate in life! So stop making everything about marriage. There’s a lot more to life than marriage. Find out who you are and what your contribution to this universe is. Cos if you don’t, guess what, it affects me living all the way here and her living all the way in Mumbai. Take heed and wise up.

Don’t let every Tom, Dick (emphasis on Dick) and Harry into your life without fully assessing the situation.


famosfreddy August 17, 2009 at 1:36 AM  

You go girl...I couldn't have said it better myself!! It is soooooo sad how most 'girls' lately are sooooooooo fake!! They are all about looks. And most guys don't find that sexy!! If a girl wears skimpy outfits with the long weave and heavy make-up looking like a damn clown...thinking she is looking like a million bucks and thinks every Tom Dick n Harry would wanna get with me, they would wanna get with her just to tap that ass...which 9 out of 10 times, they (guys) get to do!! I have more guy friends, who are all like my bros...and sometimes, when I listen to them talk about makes me sad because of how they diss these girls trying to be 'wanna be sexy chicks'. Most of them are looking for a girl that they can continue to build their lives with and spend the rest of their lives with...they don't want materialistic chicks...not at all!! yourself and don't try and look like Beyonce and the rest!!! Trust me, guys go for the natural and elegant yourself up...not down!! God created us to be who we are & not try to look like someone else just to look sexy...Lord have mercy on us all!

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