It bums me out that I live so far off now. I mean, I used to live in the central part of Accra (Cantonments) where everything I wanted was 5 minutes away. Save for the noisy jets that interrupted everything from phone conversations to my precious TV time. Everything was fine…until we moved. It’s been close to three months now and I still can’t get used to it.

Now, it takes me about an hour to get from anywhere to my house. The traffic is insane and it’s never better any time of the day. Except for that one time when there was fuel shortage. Then there were as many cars on the street as there were ants in my house (by the way, I hate ants! I admire their spirit, but I don’t like them. You know you can’t have the whole toffee so why not break some off and go away with it? Why waste the entire piece?) I’ll get into that later.

Ever since I moved, I’ve been driving longer distances and even longer periods. At first I could stay out till whenever I want and get home in at most 20 minutes! Now however, I either need to be in by 5pm or stay out till 9pm when the traffic jam would have considerably cleared. I need to ask you this; what kind of life is that?!

The problem compounds further when you factor in my poor night vision. I don’t see to well at night and there are no streetlights to help me out. To make matters worse, as a result of there not being streetlights, drivers are compelled to use their highlights as such, further blinding me. You see why this is a problem? Where on earth do these drivers get their licenses from? Where do they even learn to drive? At the tro-tro station? Possibly.

We must do something. We can’t wait until we all get entangled in the poison of road rage and start killing each other on the roads. What’s ever so heart-wrenching is when you decide to be the most traffic law abiding citizen and others just whizz by over to your right on the shoulder of the road and then come in ahead of you. If everybody took to the shoulder of the road, which road would we all be driving on? It just irks me so. Nonetheless, I fully enjoy the perks of jumping the queue every now and then. But that’s besides the point.

Here’s where I am supposed to draw up some conclusion on what Ghana and the people of our land must do to prevent road accidents and whatnots. Frankly, I’m not motivated enough to do that. So please, be at liberty to conclude in anyway you see fit.


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