My initial intention for this blog post was to talk about driving tests and licensing and the hassle in getting licenses. But my direction changed after two major incidents on the road today.

I shall begin to recount the first incident.

I was meeting a friend for lunch in Osu. I made my way calmly from Kanda through the Arko-Adjei interchange and then took the back routes to Osu. I like the back routes because there's no confrontation ... or so I thought. Picture this, I'm coming down the road and as is expected, there are cars doubled parked on both sides of the road. As a wise partially-licensed driver, I waited for the car coming in the opposite direction to come so I could move on. He did. Some other fooooolish... I repeat...fooooolish driver (oh how I wish he would read this blog) decided he was wiser. He came in right where the cars had double-parked. So as a gentleman, all he had to do was to back up so I could drive past and he could also continue his journey. Nothing too difficult about that, is there? Nooooo! Ok fine, harm has already been done. I decided to compromise. I moved forward so we could inch our way past either. I move ahead, but if I go too far, there's a gaping gutter waiting to swallow up my car and a Nissan March doesn't need too big a drain to fall in. I go as far as is safe for my car and I. Now it's up to the guy to inch slightly forward as well. Along the lines of his logical reasoning, the next best thing was to take his foot of the pedal, pull up his handbrake and ease back into his seat. Yea, I know what you're thinking a real @$#&*€£1!!! I'm not sure there's a more fitting insult as that. He just sat there, beckoning me to move further into the pit. I mean if he had conspired with the witches in my family to get me into that ditch, I sure as hell wasn't going to let him...them. My word.

Thankfully, my guardian angel stepped in. He floated me on his wings and we flew to a land far far far away, a place with no mad men on wheels.

Sorry, wrong channel. Back to the hot Thursday afternoon with me caught between a fooooolish driver and a gaping drain. Well, a guardian angel dressed as a Ghanaian with no wings to carry me on, stepped on the scene and helped me maneuver the drain, the on-coming vehicle and a parked car. As I drove past the fooooooooolish (yes, there are enough ‘o’s for emphasis) driver, I told him how ungentlemanly he was. His response was: “Look at her”. Who’s looking? I believe that I am a fine piece of specimen, attractive enough for the eyes of men. Therefore, looking at me would be considered a privilege by some.

Second incident happened within 10mins from the first. Same place, Osu. There was no parking spot as I pulled up at a cosmetic shop. Don’t ask what I was getting there. It was neither make-up nor body cream. Anyways, there was no available parking spot and they had no parking attendant either. I observed that three or so cars had double-parked. I had no other choice than to park my car perpendicularly to one of the cars, thereby forming a right-angle i.e. 90˚ with the car. (For those of you unfamiliar to the territory of geometry, I simply formed a ‘T’ with the other car). I got inside, spotted a few ladies and an gentleman around the sanitary towels section, looking rather quirky, I picked up my items and headed for the counter. Half the time, I expected to be called to move my car out of the way. But no one did.
As I got to the counter, I realized that one car had moved leaving enough room for two cars to have parked. Never mind that. Just as I gave the cashier the cash, I hear a heavy THUMP! I look up and see my small car slightly tilted to an angle of about 7˚. My car! I whizz through the door and see a lady stepping out of the passenger seat of the car that hit my car. I couldn’t believe what was going on. My car had been bumped! I went to check and luckily, the bump wasn’t too bad. It had just formed a dent at the front end, near the light. Had it been any other day, I may have thrown a tantrum and hijacked their car. But the fear of God is in me. So I simply turned the other cheek. In other words say no to the devil and let them off the hook. Were the earth to be slightly off tangent that day, it would be their cheek doing the turning. She didn’t even apologize oh. All she said was: “I didn’t see it there oh”. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!
She bumped my car and the best excuse she could come up with was that she didn’t see it there? Of course you didn’t see it when you parked. Surely as you walked through the door of the shop, opened your car door, twirled yourself around, lifted your high-heel-wearing legs to sit in your car, your eye may have caught the glimpse of a green car parked behind you.
Hmph! People. No courtesy whatsoever!


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